Hello everyone! Today we defended our practice in English. Two weeks of internship in the additional specialization “English” moved in a flash! Until recently, we were browsing webinars and looking for interesting things that can be used for conducting our own classes, and here is the Defense of Practice …

We received a lot of positive impressions, consolidated the acquired knowledge of “Methods of teaching English”, “Early learning of English” and other disciplines. Watching webinars and videos, analyzing lessons of our fellows, compiling abstracts, as well as conducting classes and learning games is a great experience for us as future English teachers. Of course, not everything worked out at first. Sometimes we re-conducted credit classes several times, rewrote notes, edited individual plans … But we have been learning and mastering the profession!

One big challenge is that we practiced online. It was rather unusual and difficult to conduct classes without physical presence of children, but some of us could practice and teach younger brothers and sisters, all of them did their best. Everything turned out great. Everyone wants to be a good teacher!

Despite the fact that the practice was online (the Russia’s aggression disrupted education in Ukraine), our mentors and teachers strove to organize it at a high level. The special merit here belongs to Professor Sergiy Sydoriv. His leadership and expertise has been invaluable in guidance, supervision, support, motivation and knowledge sharing. We are grateful to all teachers who are involved in the educational process of our college. We are happy that we learn from the best professionals in their field!

Have we mastered new skills during these two weeks of practice? We say with confidence: “Yes! This is precious experience that cannot be compared with anything! So we are aiming new heights!”

Pre-service preschool teachers.