Be passionate about your dreams, stay focused on your goals and success will be your friend

“Three years ago you graduated from our college in Ukraine – now you are a teacher in Great Britain. Isn’t it a fairy-tale?”  – “Not quite, – Anastasiia replies smiling, – behind this achievement is lots of hard work, commitment and, of course, training and great skills I received back in that time I studied Primary Education in Ivano-Frankivsk college.”

On March 21, our students of Primary Education and Preschool Education  met with Ms Anastasiia Kanyuk, who graduated from Ivano-Frankivsk Professional College of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University in a 2020. The online event was organized by professor Sergiy Sydoriv, who trains pre-service teachers and uses every opportunity to equip them with the skills and knowledge to build successful careers in teaching.

As soon as Anastasia joined the meeting, she immediately made an extremely positive impression of an enthusiastic and kind personality.  Talking with her, one could feel that she has clearly defined professional skills.  Anastasiia told the students about her life since receiving a college diploma, how she became an international student in the UK and her first steps in the profession.

 During the meeting, Anastasia shared her experience of being a  teacher in a British school.  It was extremely interesting to hear her talking  enthusiastically about her steps to achieve the goal.  A big impetus for this was a cherished childhood dream and determination.

We learned about the difference between the educational systems of Ukraine and Great Britain as Anastasiia had an opportunity to immerse herself in both, having worked for some time at Ivano-Frankivsk school, and, after moving to Great Britain, started teaching in an English-language school.

Anastasiia discovered her professional methods, with the help of which she managed to find an approach to each student.  This method involves being not just a teacher, but becoming a best friend, a trustworthy mentor, which is quite valuable for us as future teachers.

We received a bunch of useful tips about learning and teaching English for young learners. Towards the end of the meeting, the students had a chance to ask Anastasiia questions and received quite detailed answers.

We thank our guest for joining our meeting and sharing her experience and thoughts.  We wish you patience, professional creativity and strength in your future teaching activities! We appreciate the efforts professor Sydoriv makes for organizing such meetings for our professional development.


Yulia Merdak, Ilona Bandura and Lilya Shcherbanyuk, 4th year students