Pre-service kindergarten teachers celebrated Christmas, singing carols and fundraising for our soldiers

Our English lesson has been fabulous. In the literal sense of the word, we felt New Year’s magic around us. The students of our group, motivated by a foreign language teacher, Professor Sergiy Sydoriv, sang Christmas carols and festive songs. Each of us could experience and share our New Year’s mood with each other. These were wonderful and unforgettable emotions for everyone. At this pre-Christmas time, our group DO-11 decided to demonstrate the abilities in creating holidays, so everyone who was there was enchanted with the incredible miracle of Christmas. Our general impressions remained very positive, we would happily repeat the various native traditions for every holiday!

We thank Ukrainian Armed Forces – our heroes for being able to celebrate Christmas in independent Ukraine.

Lilia Chyplyk, Khrystyna Prygrodska, Preschool Education -11


On December 21, “Preschool Education” students оf Ivano-Frankivsk college did a caroling fundraising to support Ukrainian soldiers who defend our country. Not only students and teachers participated in this event, we also included local business. The organizer of this event is an English teacher Sergiy Sydoriv. The carolers praised the birth of Jesus Christ, wished peace and wellbeing to the listeners and donated of UAH 5,050 to the defenders of our country. Thank you all for helping to raise that amount. The money will be sent to the unit of the husband of our teacher Maria Trokhymchuk. We thank him for our protection! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our army!

Yulia Nesteruk, Anna Arbaiter, Preschool Education -12


On the eve of the Christmas holidays in Ukraine, there is a tradition of caroling, as follows bringing joy to everyone around. First of all, when there is a war in the country, we should not forget about the defenders, who are also waiting for a miracle. Today in the Department of Preschool Education, first-year students brought us into the atmosphere of the holidays, to save the memory of difficult times. We congratulate all students and teachers, our relatives and all Ukrainians with the upcoming holidays, and wishes for victory in the new year!

Diana Maykovska, Olha Cheverda, Preschool Education -13


On December 21, 2023, a small celebration of Christmas and New Year took place. Students prepared for today’s event with great interest, because each group prepared something interesting and special. During the week, a small New Year’s celebration was organized in each educational group. At the moment, there is a war in Ukraine, so several groups went and sang carols whenever possible. Funds were also collected for the Armed Forces. The DO-14 group prepared for this event with interest. Despite the war, uncertainty and anxiety, the New Year holidays are steadily approaching! We have prepared small greetings and wishes for 2024. There was a small memorable gift for each teacher. We would like to sincerely thank our English teacher for supporting our idea and helping us realize it

Mariya Semkiv, Iryna Pastukh, Preschool Education -14