Inclusive poetic greeting from our students

Our students greeted the participants of the All-Ukrainian Symposium “Coaching, Mentoring, Tutoring and Facilitation in Inclusion”, which took place on August, 23-24. The poetic lines were dubbed in sign language, you are also welcome to turn on video subtitles in Ukrainian and English.

We were born again, a grand and vital hour,

‘Neath skies of blue, o’er golden fields we stand,

And once again, the Red Kalyna’s power,

Uplifts our hearts to fight against the foe’s demand.

Heroes have taken arms, at honor and freedom’s call,

While others in the rear, they are supporting role,

Forging the swords, designing shelter and stronghold,

Healing wounded, teaching young and old.

Teachers of unyielding love and fortitude,

Our duty to cultivate a bounteous yield,

So that our students, wise and multitude,

A land of the brave, together we shall build.

Where equity and diversity entwine,

Support, respect, and dignity decree,

To happiness, a path for each to find,

The heart’s benevolence and hands that pure and free.

Become the leader, bestowing wings of flight,

Inspire to see the purpose, aim, and goal,

Be the leader, embracing strength and light,

For wisdom, strong and sacred, shapes your role.

Learn to restore both strength and resources too,

Kind-hearted, dream positively anew,

Teach to be bright and seek what’s true,

Live in balance, act effectively too.

For leaders see new prospects on the rise,

Fostering growth, forging pathways bright,

Uniting youth in trustworthy allies,

Thus, we select our professions, choosing right.

We hail from college, teachers in the making,

A liberated Ukraine, our shared abode,

Our flag is blue and gold and victoriously a-waving ,

With inspiration and accord, we tread the road.