Inclusion, Equity, & Cooperation international symposium held in IF college

A multidisciplinary symposium on Inclusion, Equity, & Cooperation  gathered over a hundred of presentations and abstracts from national and international inclusive education experts, university professors, school teachers, parents, and students. The topics of the symposium addressed teaching students with special educational needs and disabilities, and also offered some wider perspective on:

  • Innovation and tradition in pedagogy and liberal arts.
  • Inclusion in preschool.
  • Inclusion in elementary and secondary school.
  • Inclusion in vocational and higher education.
  • Inclusion in recreation, sports, public life, law, design, art, and literature.
  • Integration of displaced Ukrainians into Western communities, and international practices of inclusive education.
  • Activism, advocacy and building resilience to humanitarian challenges caused by military aggression.
  • Training teachers with the capability of developing an inclusive learning environment.

Over a hundred participants broadened their knowledge and developed capacity in inclusive philosophies, strategies and practices on March 8, & April 3-4, 2024 and during months of preparation. The results are worth the effort. \

We are grateful to those Ukrainian and international partners with whom we cooperate through the 2017 ADA Anniversary Fellowship on Inclusive Education held in University of Minnesota.

Sergiy Sydoriv