Leadership in teaching means teamwork in everything

The faculty of Ivano-Frankivsk college are good at everything they do: teaching, learning, educating, studying, taking leadership, showing example and exploring new fields and horizons. Autumn cold and locking covid did not stop the dedicated pedagogical team from observance the international World Tourism Day, All-Ukrainian Day of Preschool Education and forthcoming Teacher’s Day combined while conquering the Svydovets mountain range some 1700 m above the sea level.

It was the day of activities and adventures, pursued dreams, nature explorations, talks about environment and sustainable development, singing and team building. Those who climb summits, aim high will definitely conquer world crises and nasty covids.

In conclusion, the impressions of the youngest member of the part – miss Marta: “26.09.2020 we with Ivano-Fankivsk college went to the mountains to see lakes. We called our trip ” Lazy climbing”. Why? Because we travelled by a truck as the day was cold, rainy and short. The hike was wonderful!!! We saw many lakes, plants, birds, laughted and sang songs. We took many photos. Keep mountains clean, respect and know your motherland.”

Marta Sydoriv