Basing Students’ Course Projects on Principles of Inclusive Education

Pre-service teachers of Elementary Education have defended their course projects in Methods of teaching English for elementary school students. The presentation of their research and practical outcomes was held online as the COVID-19 lockdown is still in effect in Ukraine’s universities. It must be said that many students chose to base their research on the principles and in the field of inclusive education which is not surprising as the college is an active member of National Consortium of Inclusive Education and often hosts various inclusive education events. College students actively participate in workshops by experts from Institute on Community Integration of University of Minnesota Brian Abery, Renáta Tichá, Kristi Rudelius Palmer, Stephanie Fitzgerald, Joy Lee Fredrikson, Clay Keller and Nolan Patrek as well as national specialists within Without Borders: developing and sustaining inclusive education learning community.

Among this year’s topics of the course works were:

Conducting a lesson of English according to inclusive principles of the New Ukrainian School (Viktoria Kohut and Maria Yablinchuk)

Organizing inclusive learning environment by means of Nursery Rhymes in elementary school (Viktoria Bakalyar, Diana Bayurak, Yana Prokopchuk)

Inclusive gamification: pedagogical conditions of forming lexical competence of elementary school teachers (Maria Tataryn, Yulia Babinchuk)

Game techniques in teaching writing at early age: inclusive aspects (Oksana Chilyak, Diana Shevirak)

Pedagogical conditions of using didactical games in inclusive learning environment of elementary school (Diana Gladysh, Kateryna Zaremblyuk, Nadiya Kostyuk)

Storytelling techniques in early teaching English in inclusive classroom (Mariya Kenyuk, Viktoria Kozak)

Multisensory approach in teaching English grammar (Hrystyna Hnatyuk, Viktoriya Zaporizka, Viktoriya Tsyganyuk)

Forming speaking skills in elementary school by means of English folklore samples (Viktoria Strutynska, Zhanna Vorotnyak, Vitaliya Tymchyshyn)

As the distance learning unexpectedly became an invariable trend in 2020 and the pre-service teachers were not able to physically attend classes and take teaching practice, they developed games, e-pub text books, cartoons, even puppet plays for teaching elementary school students online. There is always a way when English meets inclusion.