A Visit to The Reikartz Park Hotel

Love, favourite profession and travelling are the issues that make a person happy.  But your impression of the travel depends on the place you are visiting as well as  the accommodation you are staying in. The 2nd year students  of  Tourism Department along with Loiak Liliia Mykolaivna, a lecturer  of Organisation and Technology of Hotel Service course, visited  The Reikartz Park Hotel, located in the comfortable park area at the city lake. Under the guidance of the lecturer, students had the excellent opportunity  to get acquainted with the hotel business, its structure, basic tasks and the work of the hotel services. They also learned the basic principles of planning the lobby group of premises, location of information services,   structure of household and commercial services. The students also found out  the  provided services, viewed rooms of different categories, a restaurant and a conference room of the hotel. Suitable location, perfect cleanliness and friendly staff left a very good impression. The excursion was definitely useful for students since they can use the  experience in their future careers!