Mt Hoverla: education dimension

The first (and not the last) bilingual lecture in the history of Ivano-Frankivsk college (and Mt Hoverla) titled Think Big, Aim High with many activities for students has been held to greet the preschoolers and tourists on their professional days and celebrate diversity and inclusion in TREADING INCLUSIVE SPACES 7: vaccinated and careful events. The highest mountain in Ukraine (2061 metres – 6761 feet above the sea level) became the open lecture space for college students and interested hikers.

Observing health safety rules, learning by doing, participating and supporting, the students listened to “Think big, aim high” speeches given by professors Sergiy Sydoriv, Bohdan Maksymets, Roksolana Pavelko, Sergiy Nykolaychuk and Sofia Pylypyshak. Pre-service teachers learn to educate, develop and support preschool students to dream, think, set goals and achieve them. Having conquered the highest mountain in Ukraine for the first time, the college students will understand that determination, passion, broad outlook, hard and systematic work should be taken seriously while in a college as they are a path of success for all. We send the warm greetings to all teachers, educators, students, parents who cherish their dreams and support children in realizing theirs! Lets include and be included positively and make the world a great place for all!